Date Chartered: 11/9/2017


The purpose of this Section to promote scholarship, teaching, and related activities that will help prepare lawyers and law students to serve in leadership roles. The Section also will make recommendations to the Association on matters of interest with respect to the research and teaching concerning leadership development in the legal profession.

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Leadership Lessons from COVID 19 to Black Lives Matter: A Discussion on Lawyers Leading in Crisis

Date: 7/15/20
Time: 2:00 PM EST
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Deborah L. Rhode Award

The Deborah L. Rhode Award honors the contributions, service, and leadership of Deborah Rhode by recognizing a new trailblazer in legal education and the legal profession.  The award is given annually by four Sections of the Association of American Law Schools in which Deborah Rhode made an indelible impact—Section on Leadership, Section on Pro Bono & Service Opportunities, Section on Professional Responsibility, and Section on Women in Legal Education. The award is given to a legal academic or lawyer who exemplifies the groundbreaking work, imagination and inspired action of Deborah Rhode during her career. The recipient is someone who has great potential to make a mark during their career as evidenced by work that brings a novel perspective or call for action in legal education or the legal profession.

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