The plenary legislative body of the Association of American Law Schools is the House of Representatives, composed of one representative from each member school, selected by faculty from that school. The House meets during the Association’s Annual Meeting. The Executive Committee has the responsibility for conducting the affairs of the Association in the interim between the annual meetings of the House of Representatives, which elects the officers and other Executive Committee members. The term of the president is one year; the president-elect becomes president on completion of a year of service as president-elect. The immediate past president serves a third and final year on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee appoints the Executive Director, who serves as the Association’s Chief Executive Officer and Secretary-Treasurer. The six non-officer members of the Executive Committee serve staggered, three-year terms. The Executive Committee meets four times each year in person, and occasionally between meetings by conference call.


Headshot of Vicki Jackson


Vicki Jackson
Harvard University

Headshot of Darby Dickerson


Darby Dickerson
University of Illinois at Chicago

Headshot of Wendy Collins Perdue

Immediate Past President

Wendy Collins Perdue
University of Richmond

Headshot of Judy Areen

Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer

Judith Areen

Executive Committee Members

Serving through 2019

Headshot of Erwin Chemerinsky

Erwin Chemerinsky
University of California, Berkeley

Headshot of Camille Nelson

Camille Nelson
American University

Serving through 2020

Headshot of Mark C. Alexander

Mark C. Alexander
Villanova University

Headshot of Gillian Lester

Gillian Lester
Columbia University

Serving through 2021

Headshot of D. Benjamin Barros

D. Benjamin Barros
University of Toledo

Headshot of L. Song Richardson

L. Song Richardson
University of California, Irvine