Portrait of Judith Areen, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer

Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer

Judith Areen
(202) 296-1526

Portrait of Portrait of Jeff Allum, Director of Research

Director of Research

Jeff Allum
(202) 296-4757

Portrait of Josh Albertson, Sections Services Manager

Section Services Manager

Josh Albertson
(202) 296-1566

Portrait of Amanda Brite, Associate Director of Digital Strategies

Associate Director of Digital Strategies

Amanda Brite
(202) 296-6475

Portrait of Erick Brown, Database & Registration Manager

Database & Registration Manager

Erick Brown
(202) 296-2355

Portrait of Mary E. Cullen, Associate Director of Meetings

Associate Director of Meetings

Mary E. Cullen
(202) 296-4755

Portrait of Elvira Duarte, Receptionist & Office Assistant

Receptionist & Office Assistant

Elvira Duarte
(202) 296-8851

Portrait of Barbra Elenbaas, Writer/Editor


Barbra Elenbaas
(202) 296-1662

Portrait of Jim Greif, Director of Communications

Director of Communications

James Greif
(202) 296-1593

Portrait of Marisa Guevara-Michalski, Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Strategy Officer

Marisa Guevara-Michalski
(202) 296-8851

Portrait of Brian Harrison, Staff Accountant

Staff Accountant

Brian Harrison
(202) 296-1498

Portrait of Hannah Hershfield, Meetings Coordinator

Meetings Coordinator

Hannah Hershfield
(202) 296-0333

Portrait of Katie Russell, Data Analyst & Project Specialist

Data Analyst & Project Specialist

Katie Kempner
(202) 296-3569

Portrait of Keeley Kerrins, Information Management Librarian

Information Management Librarian

Keeley Kerrins
(202) 296-8851

Portrait of Mary Dillon Kerwin, Director of Development

Director of Development

Mary Dillon Kerwin
(202) 759-9214

Portrait of Ajay V. Mahesh, Communications Coordinator

Communications Coordinator

Ajay V. Mahesh
(202) 296-3568

Portrait of Alexa Maltby, Member Services & Project Coordinator

Membership Services & Project Coordinator

Alexa Maltby
(202) 296-5185

Portrait of Cara McQuitty, Membership Review & Programs Coordinator

Membership Review & Programs Coordinator

Cara McQuitty
(202) 296-2356

Portrait of Ana Robinson, Special Projects Administrator

Special Projects Administrator

Ana Robinson
(202) 759-9215

Portrait of Janessa Sambola-Harris, Communications Associate

Communications Associate

Janessa Sambola-Harris
(202) 683-4044

Portrait of Barbara A. Studenmund, Chief Finance Officer & Director of Membership Review

Chief Finance Officer & Director of Membership Review

Barbara A. Studenmund
(202) 296-6474

Portrait of Linda Surles, Special Assistant to the Executive Director

Special Assistant to the Executive Director

Linda Surles
(202) 296-1565

Portrait of Tracie L. Thomas, Director of Meetings

Director of Meetings

Tracie L. Thomas
(202) 296-4756

Portrait of Elliott Ward, Multimedia & Design Associate

Multimedia & Design Associate

Elliott Ward
(202) 558-7934

Portrait of Rose Yeung, Senior Accountant

Senior Accountant

Rose Yeung
(202) 759-9217