While AALS Faculty Recruitment Services are primarily used for entry-level hiring, resources are available for current faculty looking for a lateral move or a transition to administration:

Placement Bulletin

The Placement Bulletin includes listings for open lateral positions, directorships, chaired positions, and dean/associate dean positions. All faculty at member and fee-paid schools have free access to all four issues of the Bulletin through their account on aals.org.

Deanships are posted on the AALS home page.

Visiting & International Faculty Registers

AALS offers online lists of full-time law faculty interested in spending a semester or a year at a school other than their home school. The Visiting & International Faculty Registers do not include summer visiting positions. If you are interested in being listed in the Visiting & International Faculty Registers, submit the form below. Please be aware that AALS must verify eligibility before the entry can be uploaded, which may take one to two weeks.

Visiting & International Faculty Registers Form

Viewing the Registers

Only faculty and staff members listed in the AALS database can login in to the AALS member site to view the registers. A username and password are required to access the registers. Your username is your primary law school email address. If you do not have or do not remember your password, click the “Forgot Password” link on the bottom of the login screen.

View Visiting Faculty Register

View International Faculty Register

Visiting Faculty Register Qualifications

To be eligible to be listed free of charge, faculty must be

  • Full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty, long-term contract faculty, or emeritus status law faculty who are (or were within the last two academic years) permanently associated with an AALS member or fee-paid law school. Visiting positions do not qualify.
  • Must have completed three years of full-time law teaching by the start of the visit.

Individuals with three years of law teaching experience who are not currently or who have not been permanently associated with an AALS member or fee-paid law school within the last two academic years may register for the Visiting Faculty Register for a cost of $475.


Call (202) 296-8851 or email [email protected].