Date Chartered: 8/17/2016


The purpose of this Section is to promote scholarship and the communication of ideas, interests, and activities among members with respect to ways to: (1) use technology to enhance our teaching; (2) prepare our students to use technology effectively in their learning and future practice; and (3) equip our students to create technology to improve our legal system (including improving access to legal information and services). The Section will also make recommendations to the Association on matters of interest with respect to how technology is impacting our teaching and the practice of law.

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Annual Meeting Programs


Main Program
Alternative Dispute Resolution (Co-sponsored by Technology, Law and Legal Education)
Business Meeting
Litigation (Co-sponsored by Technology, Law and Legal Education)



Why Law Faculty Need to Learn About Legal Tech and What They Need to Know

Date: 5/22/19
Presenters: Catherine Sanders Reach & Michael Robak

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Teaching with Technology for Maximum Student Engagement

Date: 5/29/19
Presenter: April Dawson
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Teaching Tech to Law Students

Date: 6/5/19
Presenter: Grace Simms
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What Law Faculty Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence

Date: 6/12/19
Presenters: Christoph Henkel & Ruth Hauswirth
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Ideas for Using Legal Tech to Address Access to Justice Issues

Date: 6/19/19
Presenters: Laura Norris & John Mayer
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Cybercrime: A look at the dark web, means of attack and methods to protect yourself from these attacks

Date: 6/26/19
Presenter: Syd Beckman


Tech Productivity Hacks for Law Faculty

Date: 7/10/19
Presenter: April Dawson


How Law Schools Can Save $150 Million
Using Open Casebooks

Date: 7/17/19
Presenter: John Mayer


What Professors Need to Know About Blockchain

Date: 7/24/19
Presenter: Tonya Evans


Cybersecurity in Biotech

Date: 7/31/19
Presenter: Andrea Matwyshyn


Real-Time (inside the classroom) Formative Assessment using CALI Lessons

Date: 8/7/19
Presenter: Deb Quentel