Summer Webinar Series: Real-Time (inside the classroom) Formative Assessment using CALI Lessons

Real-Time (inside the classroom) Formative Assessment using CALI Lessons

Date: 8/7/19

CALI has over 1000 lessons covering the core 1L subjects and many upper-level subjects as well. Additionally, faculty can create their own lessons or modify an existing CALI lesson to match their own pedagogy. Many faculty assign lessons as “homework” outside of the classroom. Yet, these same lessons can be run live in the classroom as formative assessment providing instant feedback on each student’s understanding. This webinar will examine two CALI tools, LessonLive and LessonLink. While both tools provide formative assessment, LessonLive allows for real-time use in the classroom, while LessonLink allows for assessment outside of the classroom.

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Deb Quentel

In July 2019, Deb Quentel celebrated 22 years at CALI. At CALI she’s guided over 700 lessons, 70 podcasts and 20 eLangdell casebooks to completion, consumed way too much coffee, and completed a Masters of Science in Distance Education Leadership. Deb received both her undergrad degree in percussion performance and her J.D. from the University of Wisconsin.