Summer Webinar Series: AI Fundamentals for Faculty

AI Fundamentals for Faculty

Date: 7/15/20

As AI systems permeate our society and impact our legal system, we must prepare law students to engage with these systems. In the same way that ‘governments’ are not entities separate and apart from the humans involved, machine learning systems are reflective of the decisions made by the humans who create it.

This webinar will cover the stages of machine learning system creation, highlighting crucial decision points and common pitfalls in the process in the process. Attendees will learn how to interrogate these systems in much the same way as we do the founding principles of our legal system.

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Cas Lakowski headshot

Cas Lakowski, Technology & Research Services Librarian

Cas Laskowski is the Technology and Research Services Librarian at Duke Law where she collaborates with other innovators and technology centers at the law school, the University, and community partners like IBM to foster student engagement with technology through training, networking, and access to emerging technologies. She teaches several courses on legal technology, and is a member of Duke Law by Design. Cas writes regularly about legal and library technology, including AI Defined: Core Concepts Necessary for the Savvy Law Librarian in Law Librarianship in the Age of AI.