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The Section on Clinical Legal Education promotes the communication of ideas, interests and activities among members of the Section and makes recommendations on matters concerning clinical legal education.

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Message from the Chairs

Dear Friends,

We know you are busy with end of the semester stuff, but we wanted update you on a few things:

1. Pincus Award.   We are delighted to inform you that David Santacrose (U of Michigan) and Alex Scherr (U of Georgia) have been selected as this year’s honorees! Yep, you read it right – there are two recipients this year!  It has not happened often, but the Nominating Committee felt both professors were worthy and the EC agreed.  Below is a short summary of some of their accomplishments:

Professor David A. Santacrose – Prof. Santacroce has taught at the University of Michigan Law School since 2000 and has held various leadership position including service as Associate Dean for Experiential Education since 2013.  His accomplishments include the founding of the Center for the Study of Applied Legal Education (CSALE) in 2007.  As most of you know, CSALE collects and analyses data on applied legal education.  We have all benefited from this work. He has also established and implemented innovative clinical programing at Michigan including an “in house live client clinic guarantee” for all students.

Professor Alexander W. Scherr – Prof. Scherr joined the faculty of University of Georgia School of Law in 1996 and has served in various administrative positions including Director of Clinics and Associate Dean for Clinical Programs. He has helped the school develop a robust experiential curriculum including four clinics, two Semester in Practice programs and a Civil Externship program. He has taught Civil Externships (also authored the leading text on externships), Public Interest Practicum, Dispute Resolution and Evidence.

Thanks to the Awards Committee – Chair, JoNel Newman (Miami), Kinda Abdus-Sabor (Georgia State), Jon Dubin (Rutgers), Clair Raj (S. Carolina) and Laura Rovner (Denver) for its selecting such outstanding honorees!  It was not an easy job with the quality of nominations.

2. AALS 2019 Annual Meeting – 2 – 6 Jan – Make plans to attend now and take advantage of early bird discounts until 11/14. The Section’s program will be on Jan 4, 2019 followed by the luncheon featuring presentation of the Pincus Award. Thanks to the Annual Meeting Committee – Kim Ambrose (Washington), Davida Finger (Loyola, NOLA) and Joy Radice (Tenn.) – for putting together a great program titled “Breaking out of Silos: Bridging Disciplines to Create the Next Generation of Collaborators for Justice.”

3. EC openings – the Nominating Committee is hard at work preparing a slate to fill three EC positions opening in 2019. If you are interested, please contact Emily Suski, ( U of S. Carolina ).

Have a great rest of the semester and don’t forget to vote!


Scott & Allison

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The Clinical Law Review is a semi-annual, peer-edited journal devoted to issues of lawyering theory and clinical legal education. It is jointly sponsored by the AALS, the Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA), and New York University School of Law. The Review is edited, administered and financially supported by New York University School of Law.


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Year Award Name Recipient Law School
2019 William Pincus Award Alexander Scherr University of Georgia School of Law
2019 William Pincus Award David Santaroce University of Michigan Law School
2018 Shanara Gilbert Award Alina Ball University of California, Hastings College of the Law
2018 William Pincus Award Carol Izumi University of California, Hastings College of the Law
2017 Shanara Gilbert Award Chi Adanna Mgbako Fordham University School of Law
2017 William Pincus Award Frank Askin

Thomas F. Geraghty

Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law
2016 Shanara Gilbert Award Perry Moriearty University of Minnesota Law School
2016 William Pincus Award Bryan L. Adamson Seattle University School of Law
2015 Shanara Gilbert Award JoNel Newman University of Miami School of Law
2015 William Pincus Award Ann C. Shalleck American University, Washington College of Law
2014 Shanara Gilbert Award Lisa Bliss Georgia State University College of Law
2014 William Pincus Award Jeanne Charm Harvard Law School
2013 Shanara Gilbert Award Sarah Gerwig-Moore Mercer University School of Law
2013 William Pincus Award Phillip G. Schrag University of California, Los Angeles School of Law
2012 Shanara Gilbert Award Kimberly Ambrose University of Washington School of Law
2012 William Pincus Award Robert R. Kuehn Washington University School of Law
2011 Shanara Gilbert Award Nekima Levy-Pounds University of St. Thomas School of Law
2010 Shanara Gilbert Award Charles Auffant Rutgers School of Law – Newark
2009 Shanara Gilbert Award Ron Whitener University of Washington School of Law
2008 Shanara Gilbert Award Kris Henning Georgetown University Law Center
2007 Shanara Gilbert Award Pam Metzger Tulane University School of Law
2006 Shanara Gilbert Award Michael Pinard University of Maryland School of Law
2005 Shanara Gilbert Award Melissa Breger Albany Law School
2004 Shanara Gilbert Award Esther Canty-Barnes Rutgers School of Law – Newark
2003 Shanara Gilbert Award Beth Lyon Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law
2002 Shanara Gilbert Award Grady Jessup North Carolina Central University School of Law
2001 Shanara Gilbert Award Adele Bernhard Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University

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