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The Section on Balance in Legal Education seeks to investigate, discover, and inspire those practices that support the well-being of law students, lawyers, and judges. The Section encourages research into the conditions that allow students and practitioners to thrive, both personally and professionally, and informs the membership of the Association of American Law Schools about the results of that research. Among other things, Section activities explore the importance of health, compassion, integrity, and ethics to the effective study and practice of law. The Section promotes continual re-examination of pedagogical practices, program content, and institutional priorities to promote the long-term best interests of law students and the constituencies they will serve.

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Preventing Law Student Burnout: Catch Them Before They Fall

In this recording, Dr. Eran Magen (Scientific Director, Circles of Support, reviews ways to prevent law student burnout by strengthening available support and detecting early signs of distress, using two complementary approaches employed by medical schools: (1) My MD-to-Be: Educating family members and/or significant others about ways to effectively support students, using ongoing educational materials tailored to each school’s curriculum (including an example specific for law schools, My JD-to-Be); (2) Early Alert: Identifying students in early stages of distress and immediately referring them to support resources, using a confidential text messaging system for ongoing proactive check-ins.



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