The Placement Bulletin is your way to advertise open positions to interested candidates. Schools may submit faculty and administrative positions, as well as positions related to legal education in other departments and at international law schools. It is issued to candidates in PDF format four times each academic year.  

If you would like to post your school’s open positions in one or more issues of the Placement Bulletin, submit them using the guidelines below. Your submission of this ad indicates that your institution conforms to the AALS non-discrimination policies.

Submission Form Access the Placement Bulletin


  1. Identify the type of position, which determines the section in which your ad will appear. If the advertised position fits more than one category, you may submit more than one ad for the position. 
  2. Limit your ads to 500 words or less for directorships, and 450 words or less for all other positions.
  3. Include an email address for the primary point of contact for the Placement Bulletin ad.
  4. Indicate whether you want the ad to appear in the first, second, third, and/or fourth distribution of the Placement Bulletin.

Note: Deanships are posted on the AALS home page. Administrative positions are posted on LinkedIn. To submit a Deanship or administrative position, please contact [email protected].

2024 Submission Deadlines

Issue Submission Deadline Date Posted
1 July 31, 2024 August 14, 2024
2 August 22, 2024 September 5, 2024
3 September 13, 2024 September 26, 2024
4 January 16, 2025 January 30, 2025

Member and fee-paid schools may post open positions in the Placement Bulletin at no charge. Non-member schools (including law schools not located in the United States) are subject to a $190 fee per posting. This fee is waived if the school registers for AALS Faculty Recruitment Services. 

Email [email protected] with questions.

Sample Issue