Before your school does anything else, your dean must designate a person who will be responsible for communicating and coordinating with AALS throughout the faculty recruitment cycle. AALS will send FAS-related communications and information to this person only; if the designated contact is not a member of the appointments committee, they will be responsible for passing relevant information along to the committee. The form to submit the designated FAR contact is emailed in May to deans and the previous year’s designated contact.

To access the FAR database, law schools must submit further information via the same form:

  • Agree to the restrictions on the use of FAR data and upload the agreement (PDF) to the online form. If you do not agree to the restrictions, you will not be allowed to access 2024-2025 FAR data. 
  • If you are not a member or fee-paid law school, please confirm compliance with the AALS non-discrimination policy (PDF) and upload with the online form. If you are not in compliance with the AALS non-discrimination policy, please submit your policy and describe how it differs. 

Non-member schools may need to submit additional documents. Once your school has submitted its form, the designated contact person will receive information about how and when to pay the FAR fee. 

FAR Fees (also includes Placement Bulletin and Webinar) Rate
Member and Fee-Paid Law Schools $530
Non-Member Law Schools and Other Organizations interested in hiring $3,800


2024 Key Dates



June 30 Deadline for submission via online form of school contact person and signed Dean’s Agreement on Use of FAR Data.
July 31 Deadline to submit ads for the 1st issue of the Placement Bulletin.
August 1 Deadline for schools to pay FAR Access Fee.
August 12 First Placement Bulletin posted.
August 22 First FAR Distribution available to schools.
August 22 Deadline to submit ads for 2nd issue of the Placement Bulletin.
September 5 Second Placement Bulletin posted.
September 13 Deadline to submit ads for 3rd issue of the Placement Bulletin.
September 19 Second FAR Distribution available to schools.
September 26 Third Placement Bulletin posted.
January 16, 2025 Deadline to submit ads for the 4th issue of the Placement Bulletin. 
January 30, 2025 Fourth Placement Bulletin posted.


Recruitment Statements of Good Practice

Membership in AALS requires that all member and fee-paid schools adhere to the following good practices regarding faculty hiring: