Nominations Sought for AALS President-Elect, EC

Nominations Sought for AALS President-Elect, Executive Committee Positions

The Nominating Committee for 2020 would very much appreciate your help in identifying strong candidates for President-Elect of the Association and for two open positions on the Executive Committee (three-year terms).

To be eligible, a person must have a faculty appointment at an AALS member school. The committee will formally recommend candidates for these positions to the House of Representatives at the 2020 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.

Please send suggestions for persons to be considered, along with supporting comments, to AALS Executive Director Judy Areen at [email protected] by May 31, 2019. You may also mail recommendations to AALS, 1614 20th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009.

AALS President Vicki Jackson has appointed the following individuals to the Nominating Committee for 2020 Officers and Members of the Executive Committee:

Annette E. Clark, Seattle University School of Law
Garry W. Jenkins, University of Minnesota Law School
Paul Marcus, William & Mary Law School, chair
Trevor W. Morrison, New York University School of Law
Lauren K. Robel, Indiana University