AALS Seeks Associate Director

AALS Seeks Associate Director

AALS is seeking a tenured member of the faculty at an AALS member school to serve as Associate Director, beginning in the summer of 2019 when Professor Sean Scott finishes her term. She leaves the Association in a much stronger position thanks to her hard work, good judgment, and vision.

Critical qualities for the Associate Director role are good judgment, collegiality, appreciation of excellence in teaching and in scholarship, and a dedication to sustained and careful work. Some administrative experience is preferred. The Associate Director should have the flexibility and vision to deal with unexpected problems and to act creatively to solve problems.

The Associate Director staffs several of the Association’s key committees including the Committee on Scholarly Papers and handles special projects that are aimed at improving the services of the AALS. The Associate Director will join a staff of 23 as well as work with faculty volunteers around the nation.

Depending on an individual’s circumstances, the position is either for one year or two, although it could be shorter (fall semester full time in Washington, DC, and the spring semester part time).

Interested faculty should write to Judith Areen, AALS Executive Director, via letter or email describing your interest in the role and the qualities you would bring to it, together with a biographical statement and a list of at least two references with the knowledge to assess your qualities for the Associate Director role.

Your recommendations of colleagues whom you believe would be excellent Associate Directors would be very much appreciated as well. These can be sent as informal messages.