2018 Call for Proposals, Arc of Career

Submit Proposals for Programs at 2018 Annual Meeting

The Program Committee for the 2018 AALS Annual Meeting is pleased to request proposals for open submission programs. These are programs not sponsored by an AALS Section; all annual meeting attendees are eligible to participate as speakers. The Program Committee welcomes proposals that depart from the typical format wherein participants present 10-20 minute talks.
There are four categories of open submission programs:

The 2018 Annual Meeting’s theme, selected by AALS President Paul Marcus of the William & Mary Law School, is “Access to Justice.” We encourage program organizers to consider that theme in framing their proposals.
Visit aals.org/am2018/call-for-proposals to read the full request for proposals and submission guidelines.

Arc of Career Sessions

As part of the association’s efforts to respond to the needs and interests of its members, the AALS Arc of Career Committee (formerly the Professional Development Committee) requests proposals for creative and interactive sessions to address a broad spectrum of issues related to professional development, to be presented at the 2018 AALS Annual Meeting.
Moving beyond presentations on substantive legal topics, arc of career sessions address a broad range of matters related to the professional careers of law faculty and administrations. The Committee hopes to include perspectives from all legal education professionals, including tenure and tenure-track faculty, contract and special faculty, administrators and other constituencies. Successful sessions at the 2017 Annual Meeting included, among others, sessions on becoming a dean, retirement, blogging, post-tenure professional development, and lateral moves for writing faculty.
Visit aals.org/am2018/call-for-proposals to read the full request for proposals and access complete proposal guidelines. Arc of career program proposals are due by April 13, 2017.