Call for Proposals for the
2018 AALS Annual Meeting

The AALS and its Arc of Career Committee and the Program Committee for the 2018 Annual Meeting are pleased to request proposals for the 2018 Annual Meeting to be held January 3-6, 2018 in San Diego.

Visit this page often to view open calls for presentation and papers.

  • Arc of Career programs address a broad range of matters related to the professional development, moving beyond presentations on substantive legal topics to include all aspects of the professional careers of law faculty and administrations. Proposals are due April 13, 2017 (CLOSED).
  • Open Source programs are traditional scholarly programs other than those sponsored by one of the AALS Sections (e.g., Section on Criminal Justice). Proposals are due April 13, 2017 (CLOSED).
  • Discussion Group programs provide a setting for discussions among a small group of invited participants. Attendees are welcome. Proposals are due April 13, 2017 (CLOSED).
  • Symposium programs are extended sessions (half a day or longer) that focus on in-depth scholarly exploration of a topic of academic interest. Proposals are due May 12, 2017 (CLOSED).
  • Hot Topic programs focus on topics that emerged too late in the year to be included in other types of programs. Proposals are due October 20, 2017.

The 2018 Annual Meeting’s theme, selected by AALS President Paul Marcus of the William & Mary Law School, is “Access to Justice.” We encourage program organizers to consider that theme in framing their proposals.

Download the RFP to learn more about general and specific guidelines for each type of program. All proposals should be submitted using the online submission form.

Submission Form Open Programs RFP Arc of Career RFP

Open Source Program

Innovations in Teaching Access to Justice Across the Law School Curriculum

Panel organizers seek one additional panelist to speak about a recent experiment (already completed or happening during the Fall 2017 semester) incorporating access to justice into the law school curriculum in a first-year or core course.

Submission length: To be considered as a panelist, please email a short (1-2 paragraph) statement of interest and description of your recent or upcoming effort to teach access to justice in the classroom.

Deadline: Email your application to Colleen Shanahan ( by September 1.

Click here for more details and complete submission instructions.

Section Calls for Papers

Section Officers: If you would like to display your call for papers on this page, please email your call for papers information to Be sure to include deadline, contact information, and detailed submission instructions.

Section on Law, Medicine, and Health Care

The AALS Section on Law, Medicine and Health Care is pleased to announce a Call for Papers for a special Works-in-Progress for New Law School Teachers Program. This program will bring together junior and senior health law scholars for a lively discussion of works-in-progress that junior scholars expect to submit in the spring 2018 law review submission cycle. After they briefly present their papers in a concurrent roundtable setting, senior scholars will provide oral comments and critiques. This new program presents an opportunity for the audience to hear cutting edge health law scholarship by recent members of the academy.

Submission length: Either manuscripts or abstracts; should be comprehensive enough to allow the committee to meaningfully evaluate the aims and likely content of the papers proposed.

Deadline: Manuscripts or abstracts and a CV must be submitted electronically to both Elizabeth Pendo,, and Fazal Khan,, by September 29.

Sections on Defamation and Privacy and Mass Communication Law

The Section on Defamation and Privacy and the Section on Mass Communication Law seek one additional presenter for the sections’ joint program “Fake News, Alternative Facts, and the Future of Journalism.” This panel, comprised of experts in journalism and media law, will consider the phenomenon and politics of fake news; the law’s role, if any, in regulating truth in public discourse; the media’s role in ensuring public discourse is anchored in truth and their contribution to the fake news phenomenon; the role of independent fact-checking websites such as and in helping debunk fake news; and the potential impact of the fake news debate on First Amendment press freedoms.

Submission length: N/A

Deadline: Papers should be submitted electronically in .pdf form to LaVonda Reed, Associate Provost and Professor of Law, at by September 22.

Click here for more details and complete submission instructions.

Section on Legislation & Law of the Political Process

The section will host a “New Voices in Legislation” program open to full-time faculty at AALS member schools who are untenured or have been tenured for two or fewer years. This works-in-progress program will bring together junior and senior scholars in the field of legislation for the purpose of providing the junior scholars with feedback and guidance on their draft articles.

Submission length: Drafts should be near completion and not exceed 30,000 words.

Deadline:Email a copy of the paper and abstract to Evan Zoldan ( by Sunday, October 1.

Click here for more details and complete submission instructions.