Conference on Rebuilding Democracy and the Rule of Law

Video recordings from the AALS Conference on Rebuilding Democracy and the Rule of Law are now available on the AALS website and YouTube channel.

The non-partisan conference, co-hosted by the ABA and LSAC, was designed to analyze the health of our democracy, discuss who is responsible for protecting it, and deliver for consideration specific reforms related to the presidency, the electoral process, race and voting rights, and presidential elections.

The first day of the conference focused conversations around the presidency. Authors Bob Bauer and Jack Goldsmith (current co-chair and member, respectively, of President Biden’s Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States) were joined by other experts to discuss their recent book After Trump: Reconstructing the Presidency. Speakers included legal experts with high-level government experience including a former US Attorney General, Assistant Attorney General, and White House Counsel.

The second day of the conference organized discussions around improving democracy, race and voting, and presidential elections. Law school faculty and deans were again brought together with high-level government experts, including a current US Representative, to debate, discuss, and ultimately offer solutions to some of the country’s most pressing democratic issues.

We hope that the engaging discussions from the conference will contribute to the public discourse and policy discussions around what should be done to further protect the rule of law.