Update Your Bio Now for the Directory of Law Teachers

Update Your Bio Now for the Directory of Law Teachers

Have you published a new paper, chapter, or book? Won an award or moved to a different law school? Are you looking for colleague to review your work in progress paper?

Directory of Law Teachers coverLog on to dlt.aals.org and update your biography for the AALS Directory of Law Teachers. The DLT now exists as a searchable online application as well as in hard copy, so your updated info will be reflected in real time. It is especially important to ensure your information is up to date before fall—we still print some hard copies of the DLT each year, and the information is collated during the fall semester.

You can look by name or school in the online DLT, but the new search function can do much more. Sort faculty members by subjects taught, currently teaching, years teaching, and seminar offerings, among others. You can also cross-search for multiple faculty and multiple subject areas at the same time.

If you don’t want to share too much in your own listing, simply log on and adjust your privacy settings to reflect the amount of information you would like to be available online.

Directory of Law Teachers online