Propose a Program for the 2024 Annual Meeting


The 2024 AALS Annual Meeting will return to Washington, DC next January 3-6. The theme, selected by AALS President Mark Alexander, is “Defending Democracy.” The request for program proposals from the Program Committee for the 2024 Annual Meeting is now open. Individual faculty members may submit proposals for several types of Open Submission programs:  

The Program Committee encourages organizers to consider the theme in framing their proposals, though it is not a requirement for submission or acceptance. The Committee also urges organizers to think creatively about session formats beyond a series of 10-20 minute presentations from a panel of speakers. Please visit for the complete details and to submit a proposal. 

Arc of Career Proposals Now Open 

The AALS Arc of Career Committee is pleased to request new and innovative proposals for professional development programs at the 2024 AALS Annual Meeting. Arc of Career sessions address a broad range of matters related to the professional careers of law faculty and administrators rather than presenting panels on substantive legal topics. For those looking forward to the future of your career, what would you like to know? For those who are more senior in your career, what would you have wanted to know as you began your career? The Committee hopes to include perspectives for all legal education professionals, including tenure and tenure-track faculty, contract and special faculty, administrators, senior staff, and other constituencies. The Committee seeks proposals on a variety of possible topics, such as: 

They also welcome any other proposals that fit the broad mandate of addressing the arc of the legal academic career. Proposals are due April 17. Visit for more information and to submit a proposal.