Sample Online Courses

Are you interested in a legal education? While the following open courses are no substitute for a legal education, they offer a glimpse of what law school courses cover. The courses listed below are owned and/or administered by third parties. The AALS is not affiliated with these parties, nor does the AALS receive any commercial benefit, remuneration or otherwise, from providing the links to the courses below. The AALS provides links to this collection of courses to advance legal education, a core mission of the AALS.

Watch an orientation of the legal classroom experience, and an overview of the 1L curriculum by the University of Virginia School of Law (AALS Member, 1916).
Read an overview of typical 1L classes by JD Advising.

Internet Giants: The Law
and Economics of Media


International Human Rights
Law: Prospects and



America’s Unwritten



International Criminal Law



Introduction to Key
Constitutional Concepts and
Supreme Court Cases


An Introduction to
American Law



From Trust to Promise
to Contract


Organ Transplantation
– Ethical and Legal