AALS Adds News & Information Related to COVID-19

AALS has launched a few new services to assist faculty in following the latest news related to legal education and the coronavirus pandemic.

AALS has added a section on how the pandemic is affecting law schools to its weekly legal education news and blogs digests. The digests also include advice and resources for online teaching, which can also be found on a new section of the AALS website at www.aals.org/news/remote-instruction.


AALS has also added a new page to the AALS website titled “Legal Education in the Time of COVID-19” at www.aals.org/covid19. The page contains documents, resources, and information related to legal education and the legal profession to help law faculty, students, and staff plan for classes and operations through the coronavirus pandemic. Here, law school faculty and administrators can access the most relevant information regarding the pandemic and recovery, including reports from legal education related organizations. The page will be regularly updated with news regarding admissions tests, the bar exam, college reopening, federal aid, online teaching, student loans, and other related information.

To subscribe to the weekly news and blogs digests, visit www.aals.org/news or contact AALS at [email protected].