JLE Spring 2017

Journal of Legal Education Releases Spring 2017 Issue

Journal of Legal Education - Spring 2017

The Journal of Legal Education (JLE) recently released its Spring 2017 issue. This edition begins with a detailed history of the founding of the AALS Section on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues, including discussions of:

This issue also features articles addressing the American Bar Association (ABA) Accreditation Standard 405(c), which sets minimum standards for the employment terms of clinical faculty at accredited law schools:

Book reviews in this issue include: “The Burger Court and the Rise of the Judicial Right—Michael Graetz and Linda Greenhouse” reviewed by Alan B. Morrison; “Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation—The Worst System of Citation Except for All the Others” reviewed by David J.S. Ziff; and “Practical Citation System—Berkeley Journal of Gender Law and Justice” reviewed by William R. Slomanson.

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