New Sections

New Approved AALS Sections

AALS Sections provide a forum for law school faculty and staff to connect on issues of shared interest.
Each of the 101 AALS sections is focused on a different academic discipline, affinity group, or administrative area. Here is the full list of AALS sections and information on how to join.
AALS officially welcomes the following three Sections, which were approved as permanent at the July 2016 meeting of the Executive Committee.
European Law: The Section on European Law promotes the communication of ideas, interests, and activities among members and makes recommendations on matters of interest in the teaching and improvement of the law relating to European Law.
Economic Globalization and Governance: The Section on Economic Globalization and Governance fosters scholarship and teaching of professors in courses that deal with the economic and financial framework and effects of globalization, including social welfare repercussions (i.e. “corporate social accountability issues”).
Law School Administration and Finance: The Section on Law School Administration and Finance promotes dialogue and collaboration among administrators and faculty with regard to law school finance policies and practices and the fostering of scholarly endeavors focusing on law school finance, affordability, and access.
At the same meeting of the Executive Committee, AALS also provisionally approved one new section – the Section on Technology, Law, and Legal Education – raising the total number of sections to 101.