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The recently released issue 71-4 of the Journal of Legal Education highlights the growth of programs and resources focused on access to legal education. Articles examine the expansion of online and clinical programs, programs for students facing financial and other barriers, and contrasting views on law school admission approaches. This issue was edited by American University Washington College of Law and Northeastern University School of Law and features the following articles:

  • “From the Editors” by Robert Dinerstein, Jeremy R. Paul, Sonia E. Rolland, and Ezra Rosser


  • “Graduate-Level Distance Learning: Enhanced Student Experience, Significant Scalability Challenges: A Multiyear Case Study” by Karen D. Thornton, Steven L. Schooner, and Markus Speidel
  • “An Empirical Analysis of Clinical Legal Education at Middle Age” by Robert R. Kuehn and David A. Santacroce
  • “JD-Next: A Randomized Experiment of an Online Scalable Program to Prepare Diverse Students for Law School” by Katherine C. Cheng, Jessica Findley, Adriana Cimetta, Heidi Legg Burross, Matt Charles, Cayley Balser, Ran Li, and Christopher Robertson
  • “Mismatch and Bar Passage: A School-Specific Analysis” by Richard Sander and Robert Steinbuch

Book Reviews

  • Book Review of The Rage of Innocence: How America Criminalizes Black Youth and Just Pursuit: A Black Prosecutor’s Fight for Fairness reviewed by Peter A. Joy
  • Book Review of An Equal Place: Lawyers in the Struggle for Los Angeles reviewed by César F. Rosado Marzán
  • Book Review of The Way Forward for Legal Education reviewed by Stephen Daniels