UIC LAW — Prominent critical-race-and-gender scholar Professor Teri McMurtry-Chubb has published a new, comprehensive pedagogical how-to on diversity, equity and inclusion teaching methods. Strategies & Techniques for Integrating DEI into the Core Law Curriculum: A Comprehensive Guide to DEI Pedagogy, Course Planning, and Classroom Practice, published by Wolters Kluwer Legal Education, is now available to legal academics online as a free download. The book is McMurtry-Chubb’s second release in 2021.“Traditionally, law schools have focused their diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives on admissions and faculty recruitment. Both are important, and our efforts there are necessary. However, we must also critically assess the core law curriculum to determine its role in perpetuating discrimination,” provides McMurtry-Chubb, on the impetus of her book. “Our failure to do so as legal educators dooms us to educate law students in ways that render silent the law’s complicity in inequity. The result is new lawyers who unwittingly do the same as practicing attorneys.”