AALS offers a suite of three services to facilitate the hiring of law teaching jobs and administrator openings:

  • Faculty Appointments Register (FAR), an online database with information about applicants for faculty positions.
  • Placement Bulletin, a listing of available law school faculty and administrative positions.
  • Faculty Recruitment Conference (FRC), a three-day event where law school recruiters and applicants meet and interview.

During the 2016 hiring cycle, more than 114 law schools and organizations used the Placement Bulletin to advertise open faculty and staff positions. More than 150 schools and organizations used the FAR.

If you are unfamiliar with AALS Faculty Recruitment Services, we highly recommend that you begin with the tabs to the right: “For Applicants” if you are interested in a job teaching law, and “For Recruiters” if you represent a law school that is hiring.

AALS also offers the following services:

  • Visiting and International Visiting Faculty Registers. These registers collate full-time law teachers at AALS member and fee-paid schools who are seeking invitations to serve in visiting positions during the upcoming academic year. They also include international law school faculty (non-U.S. law schools) who are seeking to visit at a U.S. law school. These registers are available electronically to deans and faculty at AALS member and fee-paid schools.
  • Deanships. The AALS homepage includes a listing of vacancies at member law schools. Send inquiries to the email address indicated in the “Contact Us” tab to the right.
  • AALS LinkedIn. Administrative positions at member and fee paid schools are shared on our LinkedIn page. For inquires, view the “Contact Us” tab to the right.