March 2021 Institutional Advancement Newsletter

Welcome + Housekeeping

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the AALS Institutional Advancement Section monthly newsletter! Brought to you by your IA Section Officers, this newsletter will provide info on upcoming professional development opportunities, share recommended resources, and even crowdsource helpful info through membership surveys and polls.

Our goal is to make this discussion list as engaging as helpful as possible for our members as we discuss topics at the intersection of law school advancement and communications. So please feel free to make use of the email lists! Here’s a quick recap of how they work.

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Upcoming Events

We’re excited to launch a casual monthly webinar series on topics in law school alumni relations, development, marketing, and communications. IA Section members will be invited to join in these events, which will include mini-presentations as well as plenty of open discussion, resource-sharing, and brainstorming. Our first event will take place in April.

The Impact of the Pandemic on our Profession

Monday, April 19, 2021 / 12 p.m. EDT

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a rapid transition in the way higher education communications/marketing and development/alumni relations offices and officers do business. This interactive session will explore how these two functions have transformed their daily tasks, share best practices, lessons learned, and explore new ways to operate in a virtual educational environment. We will split up into small groups based on practice area, and Executive Committee members will moderate discussions.

Stay tuned for more updates on events to cover dean transitions, promoting faculty scholarship, consultant hiring, board membership, and more.

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