Date Chartered: 1/1/1973


The Section on Family and Juvenile Law promotes the development and exchange of information relating to teaching and research in the fields of family and juvenile law and promotes collaborative action among those individuals having an interest in these fields.

Leadership   Section Members

Section on Family & Juvenile Law Achievement Award

Aimed at recognizing outstanding professionals who have made significant or long-term contributions to the fields of Family and/or Juvenile Law.

Specifically, the Award will recognize those who have made such contributions through any combination of the following:

a. Assumption of leadership roles in the scholarly community;

b. Support to and mentoring of colleagues; service to institutions, including but not limited to schools and professional organizations, both academic and practice-oriented;

c. Provision of legal services to underserved segments of society; teaching and presenting;

d. Scholarship, broadly and inclusively defined.

Nomination and Eligibility: Those eligible for the Award include all legal educators, including those holding administrative as well as faculty appointments, whose academic careers (teaching and scholarship) have focused primarily on Family and/or Juvenile Law.  However, no current Section officer or Board member is eligible to receive the Award.

To nominate someone, please submit a 1 to 3-page letter identifying the nominee and stating why you believe that person should be considered for this year’s Award.  Nominations should be sent to the chair of this year’s Awards Committee.


Year Award Name Recipient Law School
2023 Section on Family & Juvenile Law Achievement Award Elizabeth Scott Columbia Law School
2022 Section on Family & Juvenile Law Achievement Award Barbara Bennett-Woodhouse Emory University School of Law
2021 Section on Family & Juvenile Law Achievement Award Andrew Schepard Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University
2021 Section on Family & Juvenile Law Achievement Award Susan Frelich Appleton Washington University in St. Louis School of Law