Date Chartered: 5/31/1995


The Section on Academic Support promotes the communication of ideas, interests, and activities among members and makes recommendations on matters of interest in the teaching and improvement on academic support.

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Difficult Conversations on Racial Equity When Educating Law Students

Date: 7/24/20
Time: 1:00 PM EST
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Supporting Ourselves & Each Other

Date: 6/26/20
Time: 1:00 – 2:30 PM EST
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Academic Support Award

This award recognizes Section members and any other individuals who have made significant or long-term contributions to the development of the field of law student academic support. All legal educators, regardless of the nature or longevity of their appointment or position, who have at some point in their careers worked part-time or full-time in academic support are eligible for the Award. The award will be granted to recognize those who have made such contributions through any combination of the following activities: assumption of leadership roles in the ASP community; support to and mentoring of colleagues; service to institutions, including but not limited to schools, the ASP Section, and to other organizations; expansion of legal opportunities to traditionally underserved segments of society; teaching and presenting; and scholarship, both traditional and creative.

Nominations and Eligibility: Law schools, institutions, or organizations cannot receive an award. Prior year or current year Section officers would be excluded from being selected as an award winner. Only Section members may make nominations. For a nomination to be considered, it must include a one to two paragraph explanation of why the nominee is deserving of the award.

Carry-over of Nominees: The Awards Committee may decide whether to carry over nominees from prior years and include those names with the current year’s nominees.



Year Award Name Recipient Law School
2020 Academic Support Award Laurie Zimet UC Hastings College of Law
2019 Academic Support Award David Nadvorney City University of New York School of Law
2018 Academic Support Award Linda Feldman Brooklyn Law School
2015 Academic Support Award Paula Lustbader Seattle University School of Law
2014 Academic Support Award Ruth Ann McKinney University of North Carolina Law School
2013 Academic Support Award Kent Lollis University of Pennsylvania Law School