How can I start an award for my Section?

Section officers can start a Section award at any time. Make sure to create criteria for nominations and selection of the award before announcing it, and share the criteria and award description with AALS to be posted on your Section webpage.

Tip: View your section’s bylaws and view other section pages to get an idea of their section’s awards.

How do I communicate information regarding Section awards to my members?

The best way to announce Section award nominations and deadlines is through the Section discussion list. Discussion lists may be  accessed online.

Once we have selected a winner, what do we do?

Submit the names of Section award winners through the submission form. The form can be found found in Section Officer Resources and is sent to all Chairs and Chairs-Elect in the fall each year.

Order a plaque for your recipient, and designate a time and place at the AALS Annual Meeting to give out your award.

How do I go about securing a plaque for our award?

Each Section should order its own award to present at the annual meeting. AALS maintains a list of plaque vendors. If you would like a plaque friendly AALS logo please reach out to [email protected].

Can my award recipient invite guests to see them receive the award?

Yes, award recipients may invite guests to a section award ceremony. AALS recommends inviting no more than 8 guests. Please let AALS know who those quests will be.