Member School Highlight – University of Houston Law Center



Location: Houston, Texas
Founded: 1947
Joined AALS: 1966
Dean: Leonard M. Baynes

Founded in 1947 and joined AALS as a member in 1966, the University of Houston Law Center (UHLC) is a public institution with 245 first-year JD students.

Class Picture of the UHLC Pre-Law Pipeline Program

UHLC created the UHLC Pre-Law Pipeline Program to increase diversity in law school applicants by providing law school preparatory resources for underrepresented students. It hosts professional development workshops that focus on skills necessary in advance each student’s academic and professional career, including research methods, LSAT preparation, study techniques, and networking strategies. Since its launch in 2015, almost 90 program participants have been admitted to law schools across the country and have increased their LSAT scores on average by 11-14 points depending on the year. Its success has been recognized by the ABA as a recipient of the Alexander Award for Excellence in Pipeline Diversity.

“I’m very proud of the work that the University of Houston Law Center and its faculty, staff, alumni, and students have done to move the ball forward on diversity, equity, and inclusion,” Dean Leonard M. Baynes said. “The Law Center is blessed with terrific students from diverse and first-generation backgrounds and faculty who care about their success. Together we plan to make a difference in this space.” Learn more about the University of Houston Law Center Pre-Law Pipeline Program here.