Member School Highlight – University of Toledo College of Law

Location: Toledo, Ohio
Founded: 1906
Joined AALS: 1941
Dean: D. Benjamin Barros

Founded in 1906 and an AALS member since 1941, the University of Toledo College of Law is a public law school with a vibrant and close-knit community of outstanding faculty, students, and alumni who make a difference across the country and around the world. With a class of 94 first-year JD students, Toledo Law offers highly-ranked academic programs with personalized experiential learning for full and part-time law students.

University of Toledo College of Law students collaborate to prepare for a presentation.

Toledo Law offers a variety of clinical experiences to students, including a brand-new Immigrant Justice Clinic, as well as robust externship opportunities. All of these opportunities ensure that 100% of our students participate in a clinic, externship, or simulation course in legal areas of their choice before they graduate.

The Professional Development Program (PDP) is a required program designed to help students complete professional preparation activities such as resume and cover letter writing and interview preparation; while also encouraging students to connect with attorneys to learn about practice areas, career paths, and initiate connections to begin building their professional networks. Reflection on the activities is key and helps the students create a plan and hold themselves accountable for progress. “We are focused on student success. We have comprehensive programs that are designed to help students pass the bar exams and succeed in their chosen fields. Since we are also a small law school, we can support students every step of the way so that they achieve their purposes of coming here” said Dean and Professor of Law D. Benjamin Barros.

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