Member School Highlight – Seattle University School of Law

Location: Seattle, Washington
Founded: 1972
Joined AALS: 1974
Dean: Anthony E. Varona

Founded as the University of Puget Sound Law School located in Tacoma, Washington, in 1974, it was later purchased and moved to Seattle by Seattle University and changed to Seattle University School of Law. Seattle University Law is a private legal institution that delivers a contemporary approach to legal education for the highly driven and civically engaged. From their campus in the heart of Seattle’s dynamic urban core, they offer leading-edge programs, including their Legal Writing program, which provides foundational knowledge applicable to all forms of legal practice. Seattle University School of Law’s demanding values-based curriculum – led by supportive and dedicated faculty and practicing legal professionals – integrates classroom instruction with real-world learning opportunities complemented by deep ties to the Seattle legal community. For 50 years, Seattle University School of Law have developed sought-after graduates known for their talent and tenacity, cultivating a dynamic community of alumni renowned nationwide and beyond as passionate practitioners committed to justice, dignity, and equity.

Seattle is home to a robust technology and entrepreneurial community at the forefront of the latest innovations. Seattle University School of Law offers a comprehensive program in innovation law, including intellectual property, emphasizing ethics, values, and social justice for aspiring lawyers who desire to contribute to this exciting sector. Situated in a global city, the TILE program offers comparative and international perspectives and a firm grounding in U.S. law.

“As one of the most diverse and innovative law schools in the nation, Seattle University School of Law created the Technology, Innovation Law, and Ethics Program to leverage our location in the heart of the global hub of technology and our ties to the Seattle region’s tech and innovation sector, and to establish a much-needed pipeline of tech-savvy diverse legal talent for technology, I.P., and innovation law practices, corporations, courts, and regulatory agencies in the Pacific Northwest, across the nation, and internationally” expressed Anthony E. Varona, Dean, and Professor of Law.

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