Member School Highlight – Quinnipiac University School of Law


Location: North Haven, Connecticut
Founded: 1977
Joined AALS: 1985
Dean: Jennifer Gerarda Brown

Quinnipiac University School of Law is a highly collaborative law school community dedicated to educating the “whole lawyer” — one who integrates and embodies deep personal and professional values, thinks holistically about client needs, and applies a thorough and nuanced understanding of the law to make a measurable impact on society. The law school builds on rigorous academics and robust partnerships for experiential learning, including more than 350 externship field sites across the Northeast. Quinnipiac Law enjoys a high level of student engagement in competition teams, student-run journals that host and publish symposia on important legal issues of the day, and activities within the Quinnipiac Center on Dispute Resolution. Founded in 1998, the Center offers dispute resolution workshops (co-sponsored by Yale Law School), conferences, mediation training programs, and a mediation clinic dedicated to mitigating homelessness.

Lynn L. Pantalena Law Library at Quinnipiac University School of Law

Quinnipiac Law works hard to develop curricula and build relationships that prepare graduates for 21st century legal careers. The law school is dramatically expanding course offerings in Law and Technology to include, for example, The Law of Video Gaming, Trademark and Copyright in the Digital Age, Space Law, Information Privacy Law, and Cybersecurity. On the partnership front, Quinnipiac recently announced a significant partnership with Hartford HealthCare, Connecticut’s most comprehensive healthcare network, setting the stage for experiential opportunities in areas including general counsel, compliance, cybersecurity, government affairs, and regulatory offices – all to nurture a legal workforce prepared to advise clients in a wide array of settings.

“Even as we set our sights on the future of legal practice and try to anticipate the knowledge and skills lawyers will require in the years to come, we remain steadfastly committed to ‘educating the whole lawyer to understand and serve the whole client,’” says Dean Jennifer Gerarda Brown. “When we educate the ‘whole lawyer’ we engage our students’ ‘head, heart, and gut’ so that they can understand the larger context of a client’s legal problem – whether that context is social, emotional, political, or financial. We emphasize the important role lawyers can play as healers and problems solvers, but only if they weave together technical mastery of the law with empathy and interpersonal skills.”


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