Member School Highlight – University of North Dakota School of Law

Location: Grand Forks, ND
Founded: 1899
Joined AALS: 1910
Dean: Brian A. Pappas

The University of North Dakota School of Law is a public legal education institution founded in 1899 and joined the Association of American Law Schools in 1910. North Dakota School of Law has served as the state’s only law school and has shaped the legal environment of North Dakota. North Dakota School of Law blends an innovative education with creative and entrepreneurial opportunities and a spirit of community in its education of approximately 250 students. The University of North Dakota is the state’s most comprehensive research university and the primary professional education and training center.

The University of North Dakota School of Law has a unique program that allows people to specialize in an undergraduate program that helps them get a jumpstart on law school. This program provides people the ability to be able to complete both degrees in six years rather than seven — saving time and money. The accelerated J.D. program establishes a direct route for students interested in pursuing law at the undergraduate level.

To join the accelerated Bachelor’s/J.D. program, a person would need to apply as an undergraduate student and declare one of the three degrees: Criminal Justice Studies (B.S.), Philosophy and Religious Studies (B.A.), and Political Science (B.A.). Then, contact the pre-law coordinator for your track to get advice and more information to complete your admission into the accelerated 3 plus 3 law programs.

Students enrolled in any of the majors will develop skills including analytical reading, critical thinking and logic, advanced oral and written communication, problem-solving, advanced research skills, and argument formation. All three programs are designed to prepare you for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and equip them with the skills necessary to succeed in law school or in just about any career. All three majors emphasize legal processes and institutions that offer excellent preparation to students for law school.

“Our dedication to educating practice-ready attorneys and the close relationship we have with the North Dakota bar and bench is unparalleled,” said Brian A. Pappas, Dean of UND School of Law. “The opportunities available to our students is one of the many things that makes UND School of Law exceptional.”

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