Member School Highlight – Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Location:  Chicago, Illinois
Founded: 1908
Joined AALS: 1924
Dean: Michèle Alexandre

Loyola University Chicago School of Law is a private institution founded in 1908 with a JD first-year class of 273 students. Loyola University Chicago School of Law prepares graduates who will be ethical advocates for justice and equity; who will lead efforts to dismantle the legal, economic, political, and social structures that generate and sustain racism and all forms of oppression; and who will advance a rule of law that promotes social justice.

“This is an excellent law school with an excellent reputation,” says Michèle Alexandre, Dean and Professor of Law at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. “We are not ambivalent about service. As part of our Jesuit mission, we prepare students for the world, to be advocates for others.”

Spring views of the Corboy Law Center located on Loyola University Chicago’s Water Tower Campus. 

The Health Justice Project collaborates with healthcare providers to overcome the social and systemic barriers that prevent long-term health and stability among Chicago’s vulnerable populations. The School of Law operates two medical-legal partnerships (MLPs). The Health Justice Project (HJP) is an MLP clinic between Loyola’s School of Law and the Erie Family Health Center. The Maywood MLP is an interdisciplinary partnership among the HJP, Loyola Medicine, and Loyola’s Stritch School of Medicine. The MLPs serve thousands of vulnerable patients annually. Students of law, social work, public health, and medicine enrolled in the clinics engage in interprofessional collaboration to identify and address the intertwined social and legal issues that negatively affect the health of low-income individuals.


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