Inspiring students to be lawyers and good citizens

College of William and Mary, Marshall-Wythe School of Law

Graduates from the William & Mary Law School class of 2015 chose to honor Professor Adam Gershowitz with the school’s Walter L. Williams, Jr. Memorial Teaching Award. This award is given each year to recognize outstanding law teaching. Phillip Harvey, JD ‘15, presented the award at the diploma ceremony on behalf of the class and praised Professor Gershowitz for his enthusiasm, his mastery of his subjects, and the respect and regard he has for his students. “[Professor Gershowitz has] challenged, refined, and inspired […] our thinking about the law, and about what it means to be a lawyer and a citizen,” he said.

This is the seventh teaching award that Professor Gershowitz has received since beginning his academic career in 2005. Among other awards, he has received the Best New Professor Award, the All Faculty Teaching Award, and the All Faculty Advising Award at South Texas College of Law. He is noted for his expertise in criminal justice and valuable scholarship. His amicus brief on behalf of criminal procedures has been cited by the Supreme Court in Riley v. California, a case forbidding warrantless cell phone searches. Gershowitz was recently named William & Mary Law School’s Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development.

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