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Employers have asked for graduates who are knowledgeable about the professional and business practicalities of practicing law. Recent law school graduates have likewise expressed the need for training in the professional and business practicalities of practicing law. Both groups have specifically suggested the need for more guidance in client relations, law firm economics and financial management, legal billing and time management, legal marketing and networking, professional organizations and leadership opportunities, navigation through common ethical issues, and job search strategies. Our goal is to produce professionals who are truly “practice ready” and prepared to succeed.

To meet this goal, we have developed a professional development program of seminar topics from which students may select during their time in law school. The seminars range in length from one hour (actual seminar time, not course hours as we typically use the term) to two hours (including some offerings of 1.5 seminar hours). We require students to attend a total of 15 seminar hours spread over the three years of law school.

Starting with the Fall 2014 entering class, the program has recently been approved by the faculty to expand from 15 to 18-20 hours. As a point of comparison, the State Bar of

Texas requires 15 CLE hours per year for Texas attorneys, and board certified attorneys have substantially higher requirements.

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