Registrations should be sent in time to arrive at AALS headquarters by April 12, 2018. All registrations received after this date will be assessed a $50 on-site fee.
In Individual Registration the user can register only themselves for an event. Using Group Registration, that user can register any faculty/staff member from their law school for the chosen event. Both of these types of registration require your AALS username and password to access.
There is no discount for using online Group Registration.

Registration fees will be refunded in full for written cancellation requests sent to [email protected] by April 12. A refund of all registration fees, less a $50 processing fee, will be given for cancellation requests received April 13 thru April 22. Cancellations received after this date, as well as no-shows at the conference, are not eligible to receive refunds of registration fees.

Cancellation may also be made by regular mail to:

AALS Registration
c/o Erick Brown
1614 20th St. NW
Washington, DC 20009

No, we do not offer a one-day registration or per-session fee. Registration is for the entire Conference on Clinical Legal Education.
If you are unable to attend the Clinical Conference you may authorize the transfer of your registration. These requests must be made in writing and sent from the person currently registered. Email to [email protected], fax to (202) 872-1829, or mail to:

AALS Registration
1614 20th St. NW
Washington, DC 20009

Requests must include the following information: A written authorization asking to cancel and transfer your registration.

This authorization must arrive at AALS by April 26, 2018. Include the name of the individual who will receive the registration in your place.

No, there is no charge to transfer a registration to another faculty/staff member of the same law school. Requests can be submitted until April 26, 2018.
As a full conference registrant you will have access to all Clinical Conference programs, including the Reception with Posters, all general sessions, luncheons, and receptions as described in the 2018 Clinical Conference program. If a field trip or service project is offered will may be additional fees for these events.
You can check your institution’s membership status on the AALS Member Schools website.
Your username is typically your school-affiliated email address. If you have never used online registration before, check to see if you are in the AALS database by entering your email address into the Forgot Password portal. If you are in the database, the portal will send you login instructions for creating a password. If you are not in the database, please contact AALS support. For all other questions about signing in, please email [email protected].
Click here to have an email sent to your school address to reset your AALS account password. You may also use this link if you have never set up a password for your AALS account.
Online registration using our secure website is strongly encouraged. We also offer the option to submit a paper registration form by fax to (202) 872-1829, or by regular mail (using check or credit card payment options) to:

AALS Registration
1614 20th St. NW
Washington, DC 20009

To request a paper registration form, please email the Registration team. Please note that we no longer accept submission of registration forms by email.

In order to meet Payment Card Industry Association (PCIA) standards the AALS no longer accepts credit card payments by email. We recommend that you take advantage of our secure online registration system, and are happy to provide assistance and answer any questions that you may have concerning this change.
AALS is committed to making our meetings and events accessible to all of our attendees. For information on access-related accommodations please click on the “Accessibility” tab in the right side menu. Contact AALS accommodations directly at [email protected] so we may assist you.

Group Registration

In Individual Registration the user can register only themselves for an event. In Group Registration, that user can register any faculty/staff member(s) from their law school for a chosen event. They can even register multiple members at one time. Both of these types of registration require your AALS username and password to access.
Anyone who has an AALS account can use this new registration method.
If you are a professional staff member of an AALS member or fee-paid law school and do not have an AALS username, or are simply uncertain, please contact the Registration team so that we may assist you.
There is no group or per-person discount for using online Group Registration.
Absolutely, the benefit of this registration method is that one member of a law school’s faculty/staff has the ability to perform the registration for other members – even a single other person.
There isn’t a limit but we have found that people have more errors the more people they have to registered. We recommend that you register 5 people at a time and up to 16 sessions at a time per registrant. If you need to register more than 5 people at a time, register the first five, then log out with the Login/logout link in the bottom right corner (do not use the link in the top right corner) and log back in to register. This clears the system and reduces chances of errors. Please note it may take up to a couple of minutes to move from screen to screen with that much data.
Yes, when you login to Group Registration you would simply choose your name under the “Add Registrant” option. However, if you are only registering yourself, it is easier to use Individual Registration.
First contact your Dean’s Office to ensure that the faculty/staff member is listed on your school’s AALS Roster. For further assistance with this process please email Support.
Yes, using your AALS login you can register as many people, on as many occasions, as you prefer.
Yes, they receive a copy of their personalized invoice and hotel instructional emails. This is sent automatically by the AALS registration system.
Yes, there is a place to insert your email address to have a copy of both the itemized invoice and the hotel instructional emails sent to you. A copy will always be sent to the faculty/staff member(s) that you are registering, as well.
On the payment page you may notice that the billing address does appear already populated with an address that may not be tied to the credit card you are using for payment. This can be confusing, but you should not change this address. This action will not cause your credit card to be declined. This address refers to your school’s billing address with AALS and not the billing address specific to the credit card being used for registration payment.
The registration system gives this error when the credit card information has been entered incorrectly. It does not mean that the card has been declined. This error means the credit card has not been found. To try to clear this error please check that the card information has been entered correctly (correct number of digits, no spaces, numbers have been entered properly, expiration date is correct, etc.) and then submit once more. If you continue to receive this error please contact the Registration team.


Registration will be open on Saturday, April 28, from 4 – 7 pm and be open each day through the conclusion of the conference on Wednesday, May 2.
Yes, badges are required for entry into all Clinical Conference sessions and events.
Guest room internet access is provided to AALS registrants on a complimentary basis. Additionally, complimentary internet is also available in the hotel lobby, public areas, and meeting room for conference registrants.
Onsite Self-Parking attached to the hotel (124 S. Wabash Street)
Maximum Daily Rate: $55.00
Self-Parking across from hotel (55 E. Monroe Garage)
Maximum Daily Rate: $45.00

Valet Parking
24 hours for non-guests: $79.00

The dress code for the conference is business casual. We also recommend that you bring a sweater or jacket with you as you attend daily sessions, as the meeting rooms can be colder than expected.


You will receive a confirmation email from AALS containing a link with instructions for booking a hotel reservation online once you have completed your registration for the Clinical Conference. Reservations at the AALS conference rate can only be made online using this custom link.
If the hotel reservation email does not appear in your Inbox following registration, please check your spam filters. Email [email protected] if you’d like a copy resent to you.
The AALS conference rate for rooms at the Palmer House Hilton is only available when you reserve online through an AALS customer link. You will receive this link to book your hotel online immediately after you complete your AALS Clinical Conference registration. If you have not registered for the conference, then you must do so before you can access the hotel reservation website. If you have registered and cannot locate your confirmation email, please contact [email protected].
The cutoff date for making a reservation is April 9, 2018. Please note that making a reservation prior to the cutoff date does not guarantee availability of the AALS rate. To ensure your desired accommodations, we recommend that you book early.
Your registration confirmation and hotel instructional emails will be sent after your registration has been fully processed. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.
Hotel reservations require a deposit of one-night’s room rate deposit using a valid credit card. Several types of cards are accepted, and deposits are fully refunded for reservations cancelled by 6 pm on the expected arrival date.
Please refer to your hotel confirmation email for instructions on how to change or cancel your hotel reservation.