Collaboration & Empowerment

There is strength in diverse perspectives. We listen to each other and value each role in the organization. Collaboration across functions, among staff and with volunteers leads to better service and enhances our problem-solving abilities.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in building and sustaining an inclusive and welcoming environment. Different backgrounds and perspectives are critical to problem-solving and providing quality service to our member schools.

Innovation & Creativity

A creative and innovative staff leads to better products, processes, and services for our member schools. We encourage each other to present new and imaginative ideas and solutions to support our members’ needs.

Integrity & Transparency

We conduct ourselves in an open, ethical, and honest manner that serves the best interests of AALS and its member schools. We share responsibility for maintaining the association’s reputation and believe in owning our mistakes and learning from them.

Service & Professionalism

We believe in constantly improving and providing the highest quality of services to our member schools. Together, we conduct ourselves in a professional manner with fellow employees and our members to strengthen our relationships with each other.

Adopted September 30, 2019