The AALS offers three main services for those interested in teaching law. It maintains a Faculty Appointments Register (FAR), holds a three-day Faculty Recruitment Conference each fall, and publishes a quarterly Placement Bulletin of advertised faculty openings at law schools. Learn more.

The Faculty Appointments Register is an online recruiting process for faculty candidates and school recruiters. The Register contains biographies, resumes and references prepared by candidates seeking full-time faculty positions. The candidates  pay a fee to upload their personal information, and member schools and other schools that pay fees can access these profiles through FAR’s online database. The FAR registrants receive, without additional cost, a one-year subscription to the Placement Bulletin and registration to the Faculty Recruitment Conference. The information collected and provided to recruiters includes demographics, schools attended and degrees received, teaching preferences and publication, past employment, bar admittance, references and short resumes. The online database is accessible only to registered users and participating schools, with the information released to recruiters in advance of the Faculty Recruitment Conference.