Innovative and Other Outstanding Programs

Providing Legal Services to Patients with Cancer
Law students at the Legal Advocacy for People with Cancer Clinic assist low-income cancer patients in the Detroit metropolitan area. Partnering with the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center, the clinic offers students the opportunity to learn practical skills while serving the needs of patients receiving treatment at the center.

Faculty Highlights

Professor Natapoff Delves Deep into Misdemeanors: “Petty is the New Big.”
With one sentence, Professor Alexandra Natapoff summarized the thesis of her newest scholarly pursuit: examining the often-underappreciated area of misdemeanor crimes and the consequences of their disproportionately low profile convictions as compared to felonies.

Current Issues in Legal Education

Law Schools and the Changing Environment of the Legal Profession
Modern Legal Education and In a conversation with University of California Television, Daniel B. Rodriguez, 2014 AALS President and Dean, Northwestern University School of Law, discusses changes and innovations happening with American legal education and in the legal profession.

Legal Education News

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