Visiting & International Faculty Registers

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Visiting and International Faculty Registers Form


Visiting Faculty Register

Since 1971, the AALS has offered to full-time law teachers at member and fee-paid schools an opportunity to be listed in the Visiting Faculty Register.  This register, which is published online for deans and appointment committees seeking visiting faculty members, lists information such as the subjects a visitor is interested in teaching, as well as time period and location preferences. It is a service available to those interested in considering invitations to visit for all or part of an academic year, but does not apply to summer visiting positions.

This register includes only full-time and emeriti tenure-track positions or equivalent (meaning a long-term contract) law faculty who are (or were within the last two academic years) permanently associated with an AALS member or fee-paid law school. Visiting positions do not qualify. To be listed in the Visiting Faculty Register, a person must have completed three years of full-time law teaching. Individuals with three years of law teaching experience who are not currently or who have not been permanently associated with an AALS member or fee-paid law school within the last two academic years may register for the Visiting Faculty Register for a cost of $475. Please be aware that once the form has been completed online, eligibility must be verified before the entry can be manually uploaded, which may take one to two weeks.

As of 2012, the Retiring Faculty Register has been combined with the Visiting Faculty Register.

 Visiting Faculty Register


International Faculty Register

The International Faculty Register is for international law school faculty members who are looking to visit at a U.S. law school. This register also is published online for deans and appointment committees. The International Faculty Register contains a summary of biographical information on each registrant, including his or her education, present law school affiliation, teaching experience in common law countries, U.S. law teacher references, and date of availability.

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