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The following resources are available to both AALS member and non-member schools seeking to fill faculty positions and other open positions. One fee covers all three main resources:

  • Access to the Faculty Appointments Register (FAR), where you can browse potential candidates for the open positions you seek to fill;
  • Unlimited postings in the Placement Bulletin, a four-issue series of law school job openings;
  • Designate the person responsible for administering your school’s faculty recruitment efforts for the FAR and Faculty Recruitment Conference (FRC). AALS will send all subsequent communication to that contact person.

*Note that member and fee-paid schools do not have to pay the FRS fee to access and post in the Placement Bulletin


Recruitment Statements of Good Practice

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Rates & Payment

To access the FAR database, law schools must submit information about the school’s contact via an online form, that will be distributed by email in April. For non-member schools, additional documents may need to be submitted through the online submission form. Once the information is submitted, schools will receive payment information. The online form allows schools who wish to participate in Faculty Recruitment Services to:

  • Designate the person responsible for administering your school’s faculty recruitment efforts for the FAR and FRC. AALS will send all subsequent communication to that contact person.
  • If you are not a member or fee-paid law school, please confirm compliance with the AALS non-discrimination policy (PDF) and upload with the online form. If you are not in compliance with the AALS non-discrimination policy, please submit your policy and describe how it differs.
  • Agree to the restrictions on the use of FAR data (see below) and upload the agreement (PDF) to the online form. If you do not agree to the restrictions, you will not be allowed to access 2020-2021 FAR data.
FAR Rates (also includes Placement Bulletin and FRC) Rate
Member and Fee-Paid Law Schools $495
Non-Member Law Schools and Other Organizations interested in hiring $3,300

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Faculty Appointments Register

 Access the FAR

The Faculty Appointments Register (FAR) is an online database of information submitted by individuals who are interested in faculty positions at law schools.

Historically, the FAR has been used primarily by individuals interested in entry- level tenure-track and junior lateral (tenure-track, pre-tenure) positions. The AALS, however, does not impose restrictions on either candidates. Schools looking to hire laterally often place those hiring notices in the Placement Bulletin.

Candidates who participate in the FAR fill out an online form that asks for information on education, teaching and employment experience, and bar passage. When this information has been uploaded, it becomes searchable by members of hiring committees at AALS member, fee-paid, and other participating schools.

Once your school completes the online submission form and pays an access fee, your school is entitled to all of the AALS Faculty Recruitment Resources. Your recruitment team may access the FAR online database at any time starting in mid-June. Note that AALS collates and releases the candidate information in three timed batches (called “distributions”) throughout the hiring season.

Interviewers are responsible for reviewing the information in the FAR database, identifying potential candidates, and contacting those candidates to schedule interviews at the Faculty Recruitment Conference.

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FAR Deadlines and Distributions

There will be three distributions of the FAR during the academic year. Forms will be released to the schools approximately one week after the corresponding deadline.

Candidates Deadline Distribution to Schools
1 August 12, 2020 August 20, 2020
2 September 2, 2020 September 10, 2020
3 September 28, 2020 October 5, 2020


Restrictions on Use of the Faculty Appointments Register

AALS makes the FAR available on the express condition that the information contained in it is used by schools solely for the purpose of evaluating candidates for possible faculty recruitment and not for any other purpose. FAR information or data should not be used for research, converted into any database or shared with any person not directly involved in the school’s faculty recruitment process.


Interviewer Usernames and Passwords

If you are an interviewer and do not have a username and password, please contact your school’s designated contact person. Please do not “register” through the AALS FAR website; it is for candidates only.

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Faculty Recruitment Services Key Dates

April 30 Deadline for submission via online form of school contact person and signed Dean’s Agreement on Use of FAR Data.
June 1 Deadline for schools to pay FAR Access Fee.
Jun 8 Contact person of schools that have paid the FAR Access Fee will receive a link to access suite information and registration for the Faculty Recruitment Conference. There are no paper forms for interviewing room selection. All information will be online. Schools have the option of requesting the same interviewing room category they had the year prior. The link will continue to be sent out on a rolling basis as other schools pay the fee.
June 19 Deadline for schools to complete the online interviewing room selection form.
Mid-July AALS will email the interviewing room assignment and confirmation form to school contact person.
July 28 Deadline to submit ads for 1st issue of the Placement Bulletin.
August 13 First Placement Bulletin posted.
August 20 First FAR Distribution available to schools.
August 20 Deadline to submit ads for 2nd issue of the Placement Bulletin.
August 20 Deadline for schools to acknowledge receipt of the interviewing room assignment and confirmation form.
September 3 Second Placement Bulletin posted.
September 10 Second FAR Distribution available to schools.
September 10 Deadline to submit ads for 3rd issue of the Placement Bulletin, to be posted on September 29.
September 11 Deadline to submit $200 interviewing room deposit and credit application for direct billing to Marriott Wardman Park (an online link will be sent by the hotel)
September 11 Deadline for food orders and housekeeping forms for interview rooms to be faxed to (202) 296-8869 or email to
September 11 Deadline for schools to enter the names of recruitment team members in the AALS FAR. The team members list will be distributed to candidates at the conference.
September 23 Cut-off date for recruitment team members not staying in the interviewing room/suite to make their hotel reservations. Use this link for Hotel Reservations.
September 29 Third Placement Bulletin posted.
October 5 Third FAR Distribution available to schools.
October 15 – 17 Faculty Recruitment Conference, Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, D.C.
January 14, 2021 Deadline to submit ads for the 4th issue of the Placement Bulletin.
January 28 Fourth Placement Bulletin posted.

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Planning FRC Participation by Schools

Usage Agreement (PDF) Important Dates (PDF) Non-Discrimination Policy (PDF)

Selecting Interview Rooms

After completing required forms and paying a FAR Access Fee, you will be able to select an interview room. Diagrams and descriptions are available online.

Hotel Forms

Schools participating in the Faculty Recruitment Conference should submit forms as instructed.

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Placement Bulletin

Need to submit a job posting? The Placement Bulletin comes out four times per year, and unlimited postings are included in your school’s overall FRS fee. Read guidelines and access the online submission form here.

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If you have questions or issues that are not addressed in these pages or in the FAQs, please contact us at