The AALS offers the following resources for faculty and staff at member and fee-paid schools:

  • List of Lateral Faculty Positions and Administrative Positions in the Placement Bulletin. If you are a faculty or staff member at a member or fee-paid school, you may access the Placement Bulletin online at no charge by logging in to the  member-only page. Your username is your primary law school email address. If you do not have or do not remember your password, click the “Forgot Password” link on the bottom of the login screen.
  • Visiting & International Faculty Registers. These registers list full-time law faculty at AALS member and fee-paid schools who are seeking visiting positions during the upcoming academic year. The registers also include international law school faculty (at non-U.S. law schools) who are seeking to visit at a U.S. law school. These registers are available electronically to AALS member and fee-paid schools.
  • Deanship lists. A list of current Dean vacancies. For any inquiries, contact us.
  • Administrative positions at member and fee paid schools are shared on our LinkedIn page.

For any inquiries, contact us.