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Welcome to AALS Faculty Recruitment Services, where the majority of law school faculty hires have taken place for decades and your best entrance to the legal education job market. The three components that make up the suite of AALS Faculty Recruitment Services closely follow the stages of the hiring process, and one fee of $475 covers them all.

  • Faculty Appointments Register (FAR), is the venue through which you identify yourself as a candidate. The FAR is an online database of people interested in teaching law. Submit your information, and recruiters from law schools with open positions will be able to see it and reach out if they think you could be a good fit. It is accessible only by you (the applicant) and participating schools.

    A digital copy of the information in the FAR is collated and released to recruiters at three different times leading up to the Faculty Recruitment Conference. For more details on that process (called distributions), click here.

  • AALS Placement Bulletin is how you can identify law schools that are hiring. The Placement Bulletin contains open faculty and administrative positions, as well as faculty positions teaching law in non-law departments and with international law schools. It is released four times per academic year.

    The Placement Bulletin can also be ordered separately, if you choose not to enter the entire suite of Faculty Recruitment Services. For more details about ordering just the Placement Bulletin, click here and look under “Release Schedule.”

  • Faculty Recruitment Conference (FRC) is a three-day event in the fall where law recruiting teams meet with and interview the applicants they are considering hiring. The conference includes a session on the faculty recruitment and interviewing process. The registration fee is included in your fee for Faculty Recruitment Services.

    Schools typically prearrange the interviews they conduct at the conference. Applicants who do not have interviews arranged with attending law schools should consider not attending the FRC. For more details about how to get the most out of the hiring conference, click here.

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Faculty Recruitment Timeline

There are many moving parts to the faculty recruitment process, but they follow the same general timeline each academic year.

June 1 FAR opens to applicants—you can now submit your information to the database, and the process officially begins.
August 30 First Distribution Deadline- submit registration to the FAR by this date to be included in the first distribution
August 31 First Placement Bulletin posted online—you can now see who’s hiring.
September 7 First FAR distribution—if you submitted before the first deadline, your information is gathered and sent to recruiters. Afterwards, they will be able to access your information anytime from the online database.
September 20 Second Distribution Deadline- submit registration to the FAR by this date to be included in the second distribution
September 21 Second Placement Bulletin posted online
September 28 Second FAR distribution—if you submitted after the first distribution deadline and before the second, your information is gathered and sent to recruiters.
Early October If you are attending the Faculty Recruitment Conference, you will receive a confirmation email.
October 16 Third Distribution Deadline—submit registration to the FAR by this date to be included in the third distribution
October 17 Third Placement Bulletin posted online
October 23 Third FAR distribution—if you submitted after the second distribution deadline and before the third, your information is gathered and sent to recruiters.
November 2-4 Faculty Recruitment Conference, Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC
February 2 Fourth Placement Bulletin posted online

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Why Participate

Participating in AALS Faculty Recruitment Services is the best way to open the door to a career teaching law. FRS is the system through which most law faculty and administrative hiring has happened for decades.

Many law schools require participation in the FAR as a condition for application to their faculty positions. During the 2016 hiring season, more than 150 law schools and organizations—including AALS member and fee-paid schools, other U.S. law schools, international schools, and business schools—used the FAR.

The Placement Bulletin is also the most convenient way to keep track of open positions at law schools. You could dedicate hours to monitoring each school’s career site independently—or you could receive four well-timed collections of job notices and let AALS do the work for you. During the 2016 hiring season, the Placement Bulletin advertised about 180 job postings at 114 different schools.

The Faculty Recruitment Conference is where schools and applicants meet. From interviewing tips to advice on settling in with your future colleagues, the conference is an important first step in career in legal education.

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The $475 fee for AALS Faculty Recruitment Services includes access to the FAR for one academic year, all four issues of the Placement Bulletin, and registration for FRC in the fall.

You must submit your payment when you complete the FAR application process. You will receive an email confirmation of your FAR registration once you have paid. Applicants outside the United States should allow for additional time. AALS may waive the fee for those unable to pay due to financial hardship; learn more under the “FAR Information” tab.