Messages from the AALS Presidents, including remarks addressed to the AALS House of Representatives at the Annual Meeting, are collected in reverse chronological order.

Presidents’ Messages


The AALS offers three main services for those interested in finding a job as a law teacher. The Association serves as a conduit, sending law schools information on registrants via the Faculty Appointments Register and sending registrants advertisements for positions at schools via the Placement Bulletin. In addition, the Association sponsors a Faculty Recruitment Conference where schools can interview registrants. These faculty recruitment services are for those persons interested in becoming law school faculty, for current faculty who want more recruitment services than are available under the Visiting Faculty Register and for schools interested in recruiting new faculty.

Faculty Recruitment Services

Several resources exist to help you obtain a law teaching position. Law schools serve as a resource for their graduates who are interested in law teaching. Also, the AALS Committee on Recruitment and Retention of Minority Law Teachers and Students has compiled the following to assist you.


AALS Sections are interest groups composed of members of the faculty and professional staff of AALS member schools. Sections present programs at the AALS Annual Meeting, provide newsletters for their membership, and conduct other activities of interest to their members, such as mentoring programs, exam exchanges, directories, and discussion lists.



The AALS has established a “Resource Corps” to assist schools in developing the capacity for collegial deliberation and decision making. The Resource Corps includes respected and experienced legal educators from diverse schools throughout the country. The members of the Resource Corps received special training in effective group processes and use of collaborative problem-solving techniques to address issues commonly confronting law schools.

Resource Corp


AALS members and non-members can rent AALS membership lists on a one-time use only basis.

Mailing Lists


Data Resources


Legal scholarship is a core value of the Association of American Law Schools. The following organizations host or list research grants and awards for law faculty.

Legal Scholarship Grants and Resources