An Overview for Section Officers and Members

Robust communication between and among members is the essence of an AALS Section between Annual Meetings and throughout the year. While there are many avenues through which to communicate with your Section members, the AALS-provided listservs are the easiest, most readily-available, and, according to our data, the most widely-used tools.

Each Section has two AALS listservs:

Announcement Listserv

The announcement listserv is reserved for Chairs and Chair-Elects to send one-way messages to the entire Section membership. This is a useful tool for important announcements and other resource sharing that does not require collaboration or responses. You might consider using this listserv to announce your Section program at the Annual Meeting, or to send your Section newsletter without clogging up Section members’ inboxes with responses.

Chairs and Chair-Elects are granted access to publish to the announcement listserv when their term begins in January. All Section members automatically receive announcements from this listserv.

Discussion Listserv

Messages on the discussion listserv on the other hand, can be initiated and responded to by anyone in the Section. This listserv is useful for soliciting feedback, prompting discussion among faculty, or sharing ideas. Examples of uses appropriate for this listserv include sharing job openings, posing academic questions, or any other inquiry that prompts a response.

All Section members are added to the discussion listserv and are given posting and reply rights upon joining the Section.

Questions and Comments?

If you are unsure of your Section’s listserv addresses, find them at Upon logging in, you will see listserv addresses for the Sections you are part of, as well as a log of all prior listserv messages.

Email AALS Support with questions regarding Section listservs at any time.