A Look at AALS Section Activities Outside of Annual Meeting

Many AALS Sections engage their membership throughout the year outside of their Annual Meeting Program. Read through the quotes below for some ideas on how to interact with your Section in 2018 and beyond.

Immigration Law

Members of our Section end up engaging with each other’s work frequently outside of formal meetings. Our section has a norm of being supportive to junior scholars and others in general. I’ve always felt comfortable asking my colleagues on the listserv if they would be interested in providing comments to something I’m working on.

—Rose Cuison Villazor, Immigration Law Section Chair

National Security

We’ll be unveiling a new award at the January meeting. It’s to honor Professor Mike Lewis at Ohio Northern University, a retired naval officer who wrote quite a bit on international humanitarian law and law of war issues who passed away. The section, along with several different universities, are sponsoring a scholarship award in his honor. The scholarship is linked to the subject matter and area he wrote in: the law of war. That’ll be our first reoccurring annual award for scholarship specifically in honor of a former member of the section.

—Rachel VanLandingham, National Security Law Chair-Elect

State & Local Government Law

We have a section member, Joel Mintz, who has been doing a section newsletter for quite a while […] Joel uses the newsletter to highlight new scholarship from section members. There’s always a letter from the [Section] chair, and he’ll usually put something in about the Annual Meeting program and the works-in-progress conference. It’s nice to have a record of what happens in a given year. Our section also started a State and Local Government Law Works-in-Progress conference that rotates to different law schools each year. Section members come together to workshop their latest scholarship. We recently had our fifth conference in Houston.

—Matthew Parlow & Sara Bronin, Chair and Past Chair, State and Local Government Law Section

Technology, Law, and Legal Education

One of the section’s first projects is a webinar series for law faculty to teach ourselves and the community about how technology is being used in legal education […] Our goal is to do one webinar per month during the academic year. We’ll record them and put them online for people to view even if they can’t attend the live event. We hope to create an ongoing library with relevant topics.

—Michael Bloom & Michele Pistone, Chair and Past Chair, Technology, Law and Legal Education Section

Professional Responsibility

We have a mentoring program. I’ve been involved in it over the years and it is not particularly formal but even having a mentoring program keeps the responsibility for mentoring visible among section members. And we have senior members in the section who have made it their personal mission, over the years, to make sure that new members are noticed and welcomed. Those people don’t necessarily have a formal role, but they are still mentors. Being open and welcoming to newer teachers is something we’ve worked on very hard in our section. I feel we’ve made a lot of progress and I believe our new members feel the difference.

—Barbara Glesner Fines, Past Chair, Professional Responsibility Section

Criminal Justice

We have CrimFest, a criminal law conference organized every summer by our section Secretary Carissa Hessick (University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law). That’s a nice supplement to AALS, more informal and workshop-oriented. It’s pretty well-attended, and has a nice feature where people who are on the job market and currently doing fellowships will present their papers and network. And there are other, even smaller conferences—one at Texas Tech, and the American Bar Association has a conference that AALS sometimes participates in.

—Laurent Sacharoff, Past Chair, Criminal Justice Section

Questions about Section Engagement or Programming? Contact Josh Albertson at AALS for help! We’d love to support you in accomplishing your goals for the upcoming year.