Helping Ourselves: Conscious Coloring to Relieve Compassion Fatigue

Helping Ourselves: Conscious Coloring to Relieve Compassion Fatigue

Date: 11/18/2020 6:00 – 6:30 PM EST

*For this session, please bring your own Mandala to color or print out the attached Mandalas. Bring your own coloring tools*

Webinar Description: Since the onset of the pandemic our work has become much more than teaching. Although we want to help as much as possible, being helpers for stressed out students is emotionally draining to us individually. We hear and we listen, and we assist to the point where we find ourselves numb, and we still forge ahead to continue to help the students, ignoring our own vulnerabilities and to overlooking our own needs. We have a self-care blind spot as teacher-helpers. We experience compassion fatigue.

One thing that is helpful to reduce compassion fatigue is to color Mandalas. The word Mandala comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and loosely means “circle” or “center.” With ancient roots, the Mandala is used in indigenous practices around the globe and symbolizes sacred ceremonial space and the circle of life. In both eastern and western cultures, the Mandala has come to symbolize harmony, unity, wholeness, and healing.

Our brain treats coloring as meditation, which is a hard thing for some of us who have difficulty calming our minds.

In this session, we will color a Mandala.

Please bring colored markers, pencils, crayons and print out a copy of the attached Mandalas if you do not have any already.

Learning Objectives:

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Jonathan Rosenbloom

Deborah L. Borman, Assistant Attorney General, Illinois Attorney General

Deborah L. Borman is a Chicago attorney. As a law professor for 14 years, she spoke and wrote on controversial themes designed to improve teaching, learning, and human dynamics. Her book, A Short & Happy Guide to Legal Writing, was published in 2018.