Year Name of Panel Moderator Speakers

2017 “The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society”—Fifty Years Later Wayne Logan Sharon Dolovich
Rachel A. Harmon
Mark Kleiman
Priscilla Ocen
Fanklin E. Zimring
False Confessions in Context Edward K. Cheng Valena E. Beety
Deborah Davis
Richard A. Leo
Lawrence E. Rosenthal
2016 Predicting Trouble: Risk, Technology, and a Data-Driven Criminal Justice System


Andrew Ferguson Shima Baradaran Baughman
Andrea Roth
Kami Simmons
Chris Slobogin
The Supreme Court and the Future of Lethal Injection

Corinna Barrett Lain Deborah Denno
Ty Alper
Eric Berger
Adam Liptak
Co-sponsored: Ethics in Criminal Practice

The Hardest Questions Today: A Conversation in Honor or Monroe Freedman

Susan Fortney
Bruce Green
Lonnie Brown, Jr.
Paul Butler
William Carrington
R.M. Cassidy
Angela Davis
Timothy Floyd
Bennett Gershman
Justin Hansford
Samuel Levine
Abbe Smith
Ronald Sullivan
Sandra Thompson
2015 Emerging Issues in Plea Bargaining

Jenia Turner

Darryl Brown
Gabriel Chin
Susan Klein
Jenny Roberts
Ronald Wright
Reprioritizing Accuracy as the Primary Goal of the Criminal Justice Process

Dan Simon Laurie Levenson
Erin Murphy
George Thomas III
2014 Guns, Drugs and Child Pornography

Stuart Green

Anthony Dillof
Alex Kreit
George Mocsary
The Coming Decarceration

Joseph Kennedy

Paul Butler
Marie Gottschalk
Priscilla Ocen
John Pfaff
Jonathan Simon

2013 Assessing the Future of International Criminal Justice

Evolving Individual Accountability from Nuremberg to the International Criminal Court

Louis Del Duca
Claudio Grossman
Dermot Groome
Diane Orentlicher
Leila Sadat
Michael Scharf
Technology and Crime: The Future of the Fourth Amendment in Public Andrew Ferguson

Heidi Reamer
Orin Kerr
Tracey Meares
Christopher Slobogin
Co-Sponsored: Rethinking State Intervention in Intimate-Partner Violence Carolyn Ramsey

Donna Coker
Leigh Goodmark
Thomas Lininger
Deborah Tuerkheimer
2013 Mid-Year Meeting – Name of Panel Speakers Speakers
Fresh Ideas for Intractable Problems in Criminal Law The End of Criminal Justice as We Know It?: The Impact of Science on Criminal Law and Procedure; Discretion as the Exercise of Prudence or an Abuse of Power?: Daniel Richman
Alice Ristroph
John Savarese
Carol Steiker
Jeannie Suk
Susan Turner
Pamela Metzger
Erin Murphy
Melissa Murray
Alexandra Natapoff
Victoria Nourse
John Pfaff
Ellen Podgor
Song Richardson
Douglas Berman
Josh Bowers
Mary Brown
Paul Butler
Gabriel Chin
James Coleman
Joshua Dressler
Mary Fan
Nita Farahany
James Forman, Jr.
Richard Frase
Michael Garcia
Orin Kerr
Lauren Lucas
2012 Criminal Justice, Co-Sponsored by Section on Women in Legal Education

Teaching Rape, Reforming Rape Law

Bennett Capers


Michelle Anderson
Aya Gruber
Dan Kahan
Corey Rayburn
The Importance of the Pretrial Process in Reducing Mass Incarceration and Protecting the Innocent Shima Baradaran Baughman


Ronald Allen
Roger Fairfax
Lisa Griffin
Myrna Raeder